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System and process for the purification, by means of the environment, of water and/or of water obtained from a municipal or collective supply, and/or of water obtained from a well, and/or of water obtained in domestic and industrial vessels having the objective of obtaining potable water suitable for human consumption complying with national and international standards. All the water produced is treated with a selective oxidant obtained from the air, but wherein previously oxygen is concentrated and wherefrom contaminants are eliminated. The water obtained, together with the selective oxidant, is treated through a chemical process, denominated batch process, in a pressurized primary sterilization vessel. The reaction dwell time, and the analytical control, ensure purification; by means of a system of circulation pump and adsorption chamber specific for the chemical treatment realized, the purified water is deposited in a vessel for water for consumption, which water may be prepared with minerals and/or vitamins and/or carbohydrates with the objective of satisfying the full requirements of the population. Furthermore, an electronic unit monitors and controls the movements required to ensure excellent purification and, moreover, that the entire system is sterile at all times.

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