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High frequency regenerative direct detector

[Category : - ELECTRONICS]
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The invention is a UHF super regenerative circuit operating from 850 to 960 MHz to detect the audio output directly with just a transistor and related LCR componenets.
1)A main object of the present invention is to reduce radio interference to provide a better voice clarity, so as to provide a longer remote control distance for the radio frequency (RF) consumer products and devices while being cost effective.
2)Another object of the present invention is to only comprise a superior radio frequency (RF) transistor for directly detecting out the human being audible frequency, so as to simplify the circuit configuration of the present invention that significantly reduces the cost and provides a better performance.
3)Another object of the present invention is exempts the limitation of Federal Communication Commission (FCC) part 15 for radio frequency device above 70 MHz that continuous transmission is not allowed but 900 MHz band from 902 MHz to 928 MHz is OK.
4)Another object of the present invention is to let the receiver employed with this radio frequency detection circuit for amplification, signal mixing and detection of designated incoming RF signal. Once the modulation frequency signal is detected out, the user can use the audio band signal or codes (depending on the type of the transmitter) to conduct a desired output for the product such as RFID, Remote control, voice communication, control motor movement or alarm triggering etc.
5)Another object of the present invention is to provide an inexpensive or not complicated circuit structure to achieve the above mentioned objects.
Therefore, the present invention successfully provides an economic and efficient solution for providing a circuit configuration with a higher radio frequency for the high/middle/low end wireless products such as wireless remote control, security control, RFID, walkie talkie or alarm guard system etc.
I am the inventor and the patent is assigned to the company owned by me.

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