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REVOLVER SAFETY - Selectable Lockable --

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... NOW covered by two US patents.....
. An integrated, low-profile, ambidextrous, frame mounted, lockable, sliding "safety" for REVOLVERS... The thumb selectable safety pad with a hammer-interlock, with a rear "fire" and a forward "safe" position for use as a selectable OR lockable "revolver safety"... Contoured to fit under the un-cocked hammer...
The safety being also a "gun lock" having a fitted [security-Allen-hex-key for a key ring] for the locking key-slot column within the safety.
FIRST, this safety can be moved forward or back as an "on and off" selectable firearm safety for much safer normal gun use... The safety's hidden foward tab inerlocks with the hammer to prevent "cocking" the hammer by either the thumb or trigger...
SECOND, the safety can also be key locked in the forward position for a "locked firearm" condition and the key-ring key removed and secured.
THIRD, The safety can be moved into and key locked in the rear or "fire position" for combat, contest shooting or non-safety use.
This is the first and only patented revolver improvement to add the most fundamental basic safety feature to revolvers... Thie only patented completely controllable revolver safety with an additional revolver gun-lock... Revolvers should no longer be manufactured, sold, stored, used or carried without a firearm "safety" and the gun lock is also critical for responsible gun ownership, transportation, home or car storage!... In tranportation this lock qualifies as the second part of the two part "securing rule" [out of reach and locked]... Revolvers are the only firearm sold without a safety! Revolvers are too dangerous,,, pull bang!... Pistols need to chamber a round AND click off a safety!.. The 1911's have 4 safeties...Revolvers--nothing.... Its past time for modern revolvers to be SAFER!!. Please review the complete description at the USPTO with the patent number below. Manufacture a unique, safer, lower product liability,,,revolver, "the world's safest revolver"... Lead the world in safety. No one should be lost for the lack of a safety!!. All other revolvers will be seen as UNSAFE!! Manufacture the safest!! E-mail: [Use the button below to contact me]

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