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Clutch or BRAKE PADS w/ auto wear indicator

[Category : - Automotive Accessories - MECHANICAL ENGINEERING]
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A unique value-added "replacement brake pad" with a self-contained, built-in safe, simple, reliable, low cost, maintenance free "Brake Wear Indicator" system... The vast majority of vehicles do not have brake wear indicator systems. .. This patent allows a brake pad manufacturer to have a "value-added" brake pad.
A wear indicator system can be cheaply added into your pads!! INCREASE MARKET SHARE!.. Replacement Brake pads of standard friction material are manufactured with several independent, fully enclosed, laterally positioned, tapered and curve-formed tubular chambers into which is added brightly colored brake material...
Installed and in normal use on the vehicle, the brake pads eventually begin shedding brightly colored brake dust " after 70%" of the friction layer has been consumed"... The chambers are fully encircled by the stronger brake pad friction material thus maintaining full brake-pad to backing-plate attachment strength. The shed brightly-colored dust is immediately visible on the external surfaces of the wheels and tires as a simple, reliable and safe "indicator" of less than 30% remaining brake pad thickness...
The normally seen dark brake dust suddenly becomes bright yellow dust!.. This "yellow dust indicator" brings immediate awareness to the driver that the brakes are thin, gives safer brake maintenance, stops expensive brake disc damage and prevents "wear through" brake failure... The colored [easyly washable, non-toxic] dust material is shed laterally, away from the pad surface, making the brake pads self-cleaning by centrifugal force and air flow... "Braking or stopping strength is retained during the indicator-shedding period... This is the first and only, simple, workable, zero maintenance brake wear indicator system [brake pad] for retrofit [simple pad replacement] to any age or type or brand of vehicle without modifying the vehicle... No electronics, no noise makers, no indicator lights... Simple, Cheap, Reliable and Maintenance Free. Retrofitable to any and all the world's motocycles, cars, trucks, trailers, airplanes and construction vehicles with the ultimate in simplicity over any other "brake wear indicator system"... This patent is also adaptable to all friction drives and clutching products under the same patent... Millions of brake pads worldwide are replaced regularly.... Please review the complete description at the USPTO with the patent number below... Manufacture these unique, improved, wear indicator brake pads with an unlimited world market. If you already make brake pads this is an easy start up, patent protected, high margins, world wide product line. License to manufacture for a % of net sales or purchase entire patent for $750,000 and own the entire business. E-mail: [Use the button below to contact me]

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