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.. NOW covered by TWO, NEW additional EXPANDED US patents, 4 total.
.. Present Bx needles cut tissue specimens BLINDLY,,, from off to ONE SIDE...
.. This newly patented FORWARD CUTTING bx needle gets better quality [straight on] specimens with better tactile "feel" and safety.. No over-insertion injuries..
.. A new, complete MEDICAL percutaneous "needle biopsy system" for simple, safe, full-core, TRUE "end-cut" specimens from percutaneous soft tissue biopsy.
.. A biopsy needle having an internal, retro-grade, stainless steel, one piece, TORSION-live-hinge, tissue cutting door for more controlled positioning and placement of the Bx needle and with an easy, safe, simple "in-out" specimen recovery with NO complex secondary operator actions required.
Simple "in-out" bx the most sought after safety improvement in tissue Bx.
This biopsy system consists of an outer carrier and inner trocar [for placement] and the new "end cut" biopsy needle [for easy Bx specimen removal]. The carrier and trocar are advanced to the suspicious site and the trocar removed. The specimen is then taken with the forward cutting, full core bx needle with improved control and by the simple, forward cut, one step, straight-line insertion and removal of the biopsy needle.
The biopsy system tray is complete with safe, simple, adjustable, biopsy depth controller and self-contained vacuum assisted tissue specimen recovery syringe. This safe, [non-automated] biopsy needle system improves the validity of biopsy placement axis [vertical, lateral and depth] and improves the size, condition and locational validity of the recovered specimen.
The system prevents; mis-placement Bx failures and false negatives, complex automated systems failures, small specimens, crushed specimens and most importantly prevents "over-insertion injuries".
The safest, most reliable, easiest to use biopsy needle in the world. The most significant improvement in percutaneous Bx in decades.
Gauges 18, 16 and 14 long and short. PCT'S applied for international coverage. Please review the complete description with the Patent number below and review the improved more-rounded needle version.
The easiest, safest, patent protected, "lowest product liability" biopsy needle system.
Market size? Over 3.5 million percutaneous bx's done per year world wide and growing!.. No cancer DX or RX on any patient without confirmation by tissue BX.
.. Patent issued 5/25/10 US 7,722,550... E-mail, [Use the button below to contact me]

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