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...Common hinges are [3 piece] "articulating" devices in which two hinge-halves rotate or pivot around a pin or axle with the expense, weight, maintenance, complexity of manufacture, friction, rusting, noise, wear and the predictable [pin] failure mode... One piece hinges or "live-hinges" are KISS simple and reliable, but have always been limited to weak, pliable materials like leather, rubber or soft plastics... There are NO heavy weight, high strength, "strong" live hinges!.. This limitation to weak materials is now overcome by a new art live-hinge construction technique which allows the utilization of extremely strong materials for low cost simple "live" or one-piece hinges... The simple, reliable, very flexible one piece hinge of almost UNLIMITED STRENGTH!... Materials like stainless steel, once considered far too rigid to "flex in hinging", can now be uniquely cut and formed into highly angled columns which convert the deforming and destructive normal flexing into a well tolerated smooth freely twisting [torsion] for an effective high strength one piece hinge... Stainless steel "used in torsion" makes the perfect hinge!.. This "conversion" of focused "fatigue-fracture" flexing INTO shared torsion or twisting, dramatically improves the hinge action while retaining the extremely high material strength... Laser or jet cutting separate "angled" over-lapping divisions within the high strength material creates individual elements which which no-longer FLEX or bend across the long axis, [but because of the high angle] begin to "torsion" or "twist" ALONG the long axis... The high strength, non-pliable "flex-resistant" material is CONVERTED into easily hinging elements which remain very strong but now smoothly "torsion" or twist forming simple, super strong, one-piece, maintenance free live-hinges... Classic "flexing" is poorly tolerated because it focuses and concentrates molecular stresses at the point of the flex or "bend"... Causing inter-molecular deformation [alternating tension and compression] with increasing resistance and rapid onset of fatigue failure... The new high-angled and over-lapped separations naturally move in torsion or "twisting" which shares molecular movements along the ENTIRE LENGTH of the formed element... The concentrated destructive molecular movement of "flex" is converted and spread into a non-focused, non-destructive "twisting", torsion equalizing inter-molecular movements all along the length of the element.... This new pliable, high strength live-hinge can be used in hundreds of products and applications as reliable, stronger, lower cost, non-lubed, non-fail replacements for articulated hinges. Millions of cycles, no lube, no separations, no squeaks and no hinge failures.... A stainless steel or carbon-fiber live hinge would be the best hinge in the world and maintenance free for hundreds of years. Please review the complete description at the USPTO using the application number below... Unfortunately the first page is the prior art, so please review figures 4, 5 and 6. License to manufacture of this new patent protected technology in hundreds of forms... Questions, comments or proposals are invited... Email, [Use the button below to contact me]

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