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"TORSION" devices twist along their long axis sharing bond movement equally along the entire element as "many molecules move a little"... Steel with [square set] bonds, tolerates twisting or "molecular racking" because racking maintains constant bond "length" or integrity... Well tolerated also in carbon-fiber... Twisting, stores recoverable energy in the [unsquare] or "racked" square-sets because the unbalanced bond forces repel or "unrack" back to square... Returning absorbed energy... The UNSOLVED PROBLEM of building large torsion systems was not inTRA-molecular stress [with-in molecules], as above, but the inTER-molecular stresses [between molecules]... These huge intermolecular stresses had made large capacity/diameter torsion devices IMPOSSIBLE. Molecules located different distances from the "center of torsion or pivot", attempt to move in unequal orbital arcs or spirals and over unequal distances!.. This stress increases exponentially or by the square of the element's radius and rotation in degrees... Large torsion systems quickly bind or "lock" in stress!.. There where NO efficient high capacity [large] torsion devices.... until NOW!.. This newly issued patent for suspension systems and/or energy absorption and recovery systems solves the problem of this INTERNAL stress and "LOSSES" of large torsion systems.... A new torsion system with a many fold increase in load capacity, range [arc]of motion, variability, efficiency and dynamic controllability... HEAVY or EXTREME DUTY torsion systems are now possible... The essence of the invention is a plurality of restricted diameter, independently rotating, independently suspended, linearly free, elements with each element having separate engagement and bias or load control... This new patent creates the most efficient spring or energy absorbing and recovery system,,,EVER, nothing else is even close... Flat flex springs are inefficient, properly designed but torsion is king... This highly variable system controls, absorbs, stores and recovers energy over a wider range than ANY other mechanical system and with little energy loss... Mechanical to mechanical energy absorption/recovery avoids electric vehicle re-gen losses... Conversion of energy from one "state" to another is inefficient and costly... Conversion of mech-rotation energy or torque, to electric E', to electro-chemical [battery]E' then back to electric E', back to mech-rotation E'[torque] equals BIG LOSSES and cost.... With these energy "torsion cells", direct "100% torque in, 99+% torque out"... For use in vehicle suspensions, the system can control unequal or changes in load or position of load and maintain constant spring load over irregular surfaces... Load peaks and minimums can be blended... Each wheel having a fully independent, real time, mech to mech, dynamic load balance without set or sag... High capacity, light weight composite suspensions are now possible... The patent covers all vehicular and general use... In non-suspension use it adapts to any form, size and type of energy containment system required.... By "capturing brake/heat E' waste" it is possible to almost double the efficiency of electric vehicles by "brake petal" storing deceleration Energy in a drive-train connected variable-ratio "braking-rate-based" torsion absorption cell, then instantly return "gas petal" that stored energy back to the drive-train for the next acceleration.... The captured torque accelerates the car,,, and only then returns to the battery for continuing... Most stop and go vehicle E' is wasted in brake-friction-heat... Brake-friction-heat waste can now be avoided and the E' captured with direct torsion cell storage and recovery... Brakes used only while stopped or when E' cells full.... Now 100+ mile range is easy with torsion cells, an AC elect' motor and WITHOUT exotic batteries!.. The academic patent drawings shown are only to describe the claims and defend the pure engineering advances listed... In electric power generation, this system in gaint arrays could absorb enormous off-load generation capacity for periods of high-load re-generation need, matching electric production with consumption.... Please review the patent at the USPTO with the patent number US 7,752.251. Review the sister patent app [above] using COMPOUND ELEMENTS to be combined in parallel/compound combinations for greater efficiency and almost unlimited capacity. License to manufacture at a % of net sales or purchase of all patent rights.... E-mail: [Use the button below to contact me]

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