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Cloud Based Biometric Identification Management & Security

[Category : - SOFTWARES- Security and alarms- Indentification and payment methods]
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Cloud based Biometric End User Identification Management Patent.
Biometric Enterprise 4 factor online real-time identification management solution. Legal risk assessment testing, with multifactor biometric authentication, real time event session monitoring to eliminating end-user anonymity, replaces traditional passcode access with real time biometric, or complement traditional passcode access..

Real time dynamic random biometric identify management for advanced anti-hacking security protection.

Proven market penetration healthcare financial services, insurance. e-discovery, , record management, online testing, online voting, email identification, and real time biometric document signature verification, Link $1 Billion plus market availability.
Product technology developed and in US markets..

Server side based application, operates on any internet enabled device, or website. 23 claims, U.S. Patent granted, South Africa Patent granted, China Patent granted, Brazil pending.

Financial information

Patent Scale Application $1 Billion Plus

1.. Online Financial Services/Banking
2. Insurance Online Administration
3. Digital Document Signature
4. Online Mortgage Banking
5. Healthcare
7. E-Discovery
8. Online Educational Testing
9. Email Security and ID Management

Proven Technology Markets.

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