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Melody Catcher online melody search

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Online melody finder based upon a novel contour and matching system, and a database of melodies of different online sources, found by a webcrawler and linked to in the search results. See further under Technology Benefits.

What's that song that stuck in my head? MelodyCatcher (Link ) makes it easy to find it. Just play part of a melody or a theme on an on-screen piano keyboard, listen to it, correct it when needed, and search for it on the Internet. So far, users trying to find a melody with competitive tools are lucky if they find their melody. Using the Melody Catcher, you are unlucky if you don't find it.
With the additional option of text search, melodies can be found by song title or artist.
The search results provide an instant playback button for each online resource and include a link to that source. Currently, there are more than 100.000 melodies in our prototype database, gathered from ~40 sources. The database is easy to extend, since it is populated automatically using our own proprietary web crawler.

The patent pending technology provides a couple these technical benefits:
- a contour algorithm for converting an arbitrary melody to a contour. This algorithm is the result of extensive research to find a sensible balance of error tolerance and accuracy.
- a database scheme to use the contour algorithm for efficient melody comparison (with different level of fuzziness)
- a web crawler to find suitable melodies on the web and feed the database with their contours and related meta data (text on the web page, meta data in music file)
- search results provide an instant playback button
In combination, the system provides a unique melody search application unrivalled today. Two major search modes can be used:
1)search by melody: users enter (part of) a melody, e.g. on an onscreen piano keyboard
2)search by text: users enter a search term, results are found with the stored meta data

Different types of businesses will benefit from this new technology:
- search web sites: give your customers another interesting search tool
- music databases, sheet music, etc: give your users a tool to search "by melody"
- music shops: add field for search "by song title" to enable customers to listen to a selected song (see example of such a textfield on Link
- owners of web sites with musical content: add a versatile music search tool to your site.

The market of melody finding is quite underdeveloped. The MelodyCatcher technology is an advanced entry into this market.

The Melody Catcher technology provides:
- searching a web site or the "entire" Internet ? like Google
- finding music ? like Themefinder
However, the combination of those two factors is unique. In combination with the novel, patent pending, algorithms and technology developed by Odus and Bome, many different use cases can be served.

A prototype/proof of concept of the Melody Catcher is available online: Link It implements most of the patent pending features, though some are still pending. Still many more ideas already exist for both the GUI tool and the web crawler back end.Currently, some 60'000 melodies are available for melody search and over 100'000 melodies are available for text search. In view of several options to further expand this database with our own web crawler, there is hardly a limit to the size of the database. Another outstanding feature is the ability to play search results directly. Each search result has a play button with which the user can play the corresponding melody directly from the remote server.
Obviously, the system is easy to combine with commercial offers, like those of Amazon, iTunes, Yahoo, "buy" buttons in the results linking to online CD shops etc. The system is also useful for customers of sites selling sheet music, song books etc. to facilitate them to listen to the music they selected. Apart from being a unique and possibly the best melody finder on the web, the Melody Catcher also has the potential to become a preferred tool to search for song title. Bij linking in the search results to sources of MIDI audio files in combiniation with its instant playback feature it is making accessible the online MIDI world with lots of special melodies not available in other music search engines

We are also open for any form of cooperation, venture etc.

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