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. 52,780+ total views. .The energy of permanent magnet motors is unlimited.
. Understand the CAUSE of permanent magnetism to understand magnetic energy.
. Extreme energy efficiency, because the force of magnetic energy is generated directly by the atomic motion of the magnetic atom. .Wave force capable of directed "work".
. Permanent magnetism is perpetual, the most efficient energy system ever discovered.
..... Magnetic atoms have unique orbital configurations, which allow their outer orbit electrons to be "aligned" in fixed, parallel, paired orbital tracts.
..Aligned, paired, outer orbital electrons, [charges in motion] can circle each atom w/ a velocity and frequency exceeding the radiation threshold to thus EMIT magnetic WAVE.
..... At the quantum level, matter/charge in motion exist both as "matter" and "wave" in motion. .. This duality occurs only during quantum mechanics, as matter, charge/motion and function become indistinct. .Simple static states do not exist. .The "separate states" become an atomic FUNCTION. .The atomic "function" CREATES the ENERGY.
....The Newtonian exception is that a quantum function, NOT a contained energy, creates the ENERGY of magnetic WAVE and the atomic mass, velocity and charge of that function are NOT converted or consumed. Sounds complex but actually it is very simple.
..Magnetic wave energy is caused by a perpetual quantum function. .Magnetic wave force is therefore a perpetual, non-Newtonian energy because its atomic creation is without consumption or destruction of a contained energy. .. Within each permanent magnet atom, there is an endless energy process capable of powering the World.
.....Permanent magnetism is a shaped, directionally radiated WAVE emitted ONLY when outer orbital electrons of magnetizable atoms are ALIGNED to become magnetic.
....When ALIGNED these "charged electrons in motion" as an innate quantum dynamic function w/ frequency, vel' and voltage to RADIATE the wave called magnetism.
..Outer orbital electrons are aligned or made magnetic 1st by initiating mag' fields.
..... Permanent magnetism is the continuous EMISSION of SATURATED spiral, helix wave from "each and every atom", in a recurrent, continuous, perpetual energy circuit.
.PERPETUAL because it is a "WAVE" only radiation of unique direct "force to work" while NOT a conversion or consumption of its "contained energy" or a destructive consumption of a fission/fusion "PARTICLE" radiation or losses to its quantum mass motion.
.."PERPETUAL" is in the orbital quantum motion circuit of permanent magnetism.
."ALIGNED quantum motion" is a function, not added energy, it can perpetually emit a radiated, complex formed, saturated EM waves in circuit capable of direct force exchange "work" across empty space, w/ NO loss to the contained system.
..... Mag' WAVE radiation is uniquely capable of FORCE exchange because the SATURATED, "every atom" directional radiation w/ spiral WALL by "coupled interference".
.Wave energy projecting FORCE across empty space, with the ability to do "work".
.Magnetic emission is not consuming "contained" energy, but a NEW energy radiated purely because of the aligned quantum motion of charged particles.
....."Magnetic atoms" are alignable because of their unique orbital configurations which cause its outer orbital electrons to be more loosely held by the central atom.
.Poorly controlled or "weakly held" outer electrons, are alignable in orbit tracts by the "herding effect" of external magnetic flux on free moving charged particles and held in alignment thereafter by the return pass thru of the magnet's OWN magnetic field.
...... Magnetic waves are in summation, total atoms aligned = total field density.
.. Magnetic/non-magnetic atoms are identical, except for the aligned function.
.. Quantum motion particles "fall" in orbital space [Einstein] w/o resistance, thus the MOTION and the emission of magnetic wave energy is perpetual.
..Magnetism is a dual phase, recurrent emission of particle into wave into particle, etc.
.. Perpetual EM wave w/ "force", thus the most efficient energy cycle ever discovered.
.. NON-magnetic atoms hold tightly to their electrons and NOT generally alignable.
...... In magnetic atoms the 2 outer orbit, charged electrons align "transverse" to the incoming mag flux, [rt. hand rule], and RADIATE magnetic wave on the linear or back inline w/ the direction of the initiating flux. .[Use the button below to contact me]
.. Aligned, charged particles circle each atom, like wires around micro-electromagnets to cause each and every atom to emit "saturated" magnetic wave in sync.
.. NOT electrons in motion around a core, but 2 aligned [-]'s circling each atom.
.. This "atomic basis" of permanent magnetism was discovered by W. Thomas McClellan MD, the most significant discovery in fundamental magnetics in decades.
...... Mag' wave is a directional polar emission which spreads symmetrically, then RETURNS, drawn to matching wave form opposite pole. .The return "pass-thru" of the mag wave, REPEATS the transverse orbital "alignment", which REPEATS the emission, which repeats a CIRCUIT of dual phase "matter/wave/matter" continuous cycle/circuit of magnetism.
.. FORCE exchange is caused by wave "interference coupling", by the wave's unique helical form, "compressed wall", rotation and SATURATION of an ALL atom radiation.
...... Instead of ONE EM radiator emitting single or serial, "sine-like" waves at rt angles,
in permanent magnetism there are billions of radiators [atoms] emitting an continuous stream of helical waves in "total saturation". .Waves moving at rt angles or 90 degrees transverse to the rotation tract of electrons. .A magnetic domain = one aligned atom.
..These rotating, higher volt, "compressed wall", helical waves transfer force by wall to wall interference. .Matching twist = attraction, opposites twist = repel.
....... Magnetic atoms are square set, rigid bond length but "rackable", conductive metal atoms of elements like iron, nickel and cobalt having orbital configurations of electron dense "mid-orbital layers" which physically separate and displace the outer most 2 electrons by "like charge avoidance" and also to act as a "charge barrier" to disconnect the outer most electrons from the fixed control of the more central atom.
....... Set-apart, more distant, poorly influenced outer orbit electrons, gain spatial freedom, increased atomic reactivity and act more like "free electrons motion", becoming much more susceptible to permanent orbital alignment by external magnetic flux.
.. Held structurally in rigid bond length, "square-set" arrays, forming skipped electron PAIRING of "charges in motion". . This "widened base" of skipped space, [every-other-atom] pairing, creates a synchronized pulse of HIGHER voltage, emitting pulsed waves.
.. Electron orbitals, have always assumed to be "regularly spaced", and of "equal influence" and not revolving freely but with each orbital tract being controlled by the next more central orbitals and all orbitals constantly VARYING in "random" vectors, tract and timing to balance the total atom's matter and motion in unity, as one.
...... Engineering asymmetric thrust for motoring, requires focusing OPPOSED magnetic waves, at slight "off angles", so we can tap a "portion" of a surplus flux force, but we must NOT interfere with the magnetic CIRCUIT by % area or % time.
.. Synchrony of movement, between the separate but rigid bond length, square-set metal atoms causes the strobe-like, individual pulsed sequencing, to become the "functional equivalent" of a "continuous charge motion over distance" which mimics electrons in DC motion. .Orbit time = frequency, but wave remains a positive pulsed DC.
....... Permanent magnets DO NOT move the electrons around the CORE, but align each individual atom's outer 2 electrons to orbit around EACH atom.
....... Typical, rectangular, "symmetric" magnets CANNOT and never have output force because the fields are opposite and EQUAL. .Opposing, "balanced fields" have NEVER and can never output useful force or "motor" and no arrangements, positions or angles of balanced, symmetric magnets can change the ultimate problem of = forces.
....... A patent of asymmetric "thrust engineering" requires linear and transverse concave shaped, magnets, w/ off-set body mass, a longer convex weak-side surfaces and shorter concave strong-side surfaces to focus asymmetric field forces for "asymmetry of force.
.. Magnetics : no moving parts, no maint', unlimited reuses and zero to full in 2 secs'.
.. The greatest energy system ever discovered. .Updated patent submitted on sale.
.. Patents US 7,994,674 and US 8,299,672, +EU, +China, +India. [Use the button below to contact me]

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