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RFID Security for Golf Clubs

[Category : - Golf]
[Viewed 2661 times] is a new firm that will offer patented (United States Utility Patent No. 7,004,848), wireless anti-theft, and tracking functionality for golf clubs.
Product Features and Benefits Summary
•Protects expensive golf clubs from theft
•Can be used for marketing data collection
•Logs the “who, what, when, and where” of a golf club’s movements
•If lost or stolen, there is a better chance the golf club will be recovered
•Electronic tracing and/or serialization
•Programmable owner identification code
•Can track which courses and how often a golfer plays, in addition to virtually any other parameter
•Uses a simple transponder that works on a radio signal
•Readers work on low voltage and can be attached to a golf cart for remote transmission capability projects revenues of $4,953,000, $5,666,820, and $7,606,513 in years one, two, and three, respectively. The firm also projects a positive cash flow in the first year of operation.

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