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Internal Combustion Engine - Hybrid Engine - Stirling Engine

[Category : - RENEWABLE ENERGY- Motors- Pumps]
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A Hellenic (Greek) Laboratory, specialized in Pure Mechanical Systems, has developed a Transmission Mechanism with many important Applications, being a Hardware which can run any corresponding Software (Operating Cycle).
In collaboration with several Industries and Universities, a large Programme ("THE DOT project") is in operation in order to search thoroughly any possible Application.
This Mechanism and some of its Applications have until now two International Patent Applications, both with excellent Search Reports:
Link ,
Link .
Any publishable detail until now for the whole "THE DOT project" is at:
Link ,
at the "on-the-dot-revolution!" sub-webpage
{h t t p : //!.htm}.

One of the most important Applications is a breakthrough in Engine Technology, having these major versions:
- Advanced Internal Combustion Engine,
- Advanced Stirling Engine,
- Advanced Hybrid Engine.
A version of this Stirling Engine operates with Solar or Geothermal Energy, so it is most promising in poor Countries with broad sunshine or with volcanic or geothermal activity.
There are, currently, under further development these versions:
- Internal Combustion Engines (Classic Otto/Classic Diesel),
- Internal Combustion Engines (Isovolumic Otto/Atkinson/Isobaric Diesel),
- Internal Combustion & Electric Hybrid Engine,
- External Combustion Stirling Engines (Multi-Fuel),
- External Combustion Stirling Engine (Liquid Oxygen),
- External Combustion & Electric Hybrid Engine,
- Steam Engine (High Efficiency),
- Solar & Geothermal Stirling Engines (High Efficiency),
- Solar & Geothermal Stirling Engines (Low Cost Construction & Maintenance Free),
- Domestic Heating & Stirling Hybrid Engine.
A Consortium under formation is looking for more Partners for the Production of the Mechanism or its Applications, who must be strong enough in their Commercial field in order to achieve a successful penetration in the Market.

The Starting Price of 12,000,000 E corresponds to 100% of Rights for All Countries of Protection.
Currently there is an Offer: 1,000,000 USD for 45% of Rights for USA only.
The aforementioned Prices could be negotiated, depending on the Market Potential of the prospective Buyer (for example: the Offer is modified to simply 0,00 E OR 0,00 USD AND 1% of the Rights, when the Buyer is a big Automotive Industry).

A Hellenic (Greek) Laboratory, highly specialized in Pure Mechanical Systems, has developed an Innovative Transmission Mechanism with many significant Applications and is looking for license agreement and/or technical cooperation agreement and/or Partners involved in the production of the Mechanism and/or its Applications.
This Transmission Mechanism (DOT: Distributive Oscillating Transmission) interconnects, in the most effective way, a plurality of Elements with a main Shaft, said Elements and Shaft rotating coaxially around a common axis with different but completely programmable angular velocities.
This interconnection is achieved via planetary systems with some non-circular gears which have almost the same mechanical efficiency as the standard ones.
The aforementioned Transmission Mechanism can perform literally any desired Cycle, Thermodynamic or not, even one with an odd number of asymmetrical strokes, with the greatest possible degree of mechanical efficiency in both directions.
One major application of this Transmission Mechanism is an Advanced Internal Combustion Engine (THE: Toroidal Hermetic Engine) with Three Rotating Toroidal Pistons, performing in the simplest possible way an almost Ideal Thermodynamic Cycle:
- Intake (of pure air-fuel mixture or mixed with exhaust gas, if necessary),
- Compression (up to any desired Compression Ratio),
- Combustion (Isochoric, for any desired Period, almost exactly or exactly, if necessary),
- Expansion (for any desired Period, with Volume, continuously, up to any desired multiple of Intake Volume),
- Exhaust (down to any desired Volume, even zero Volume, if necessary),
- MetaStathmeusis (with/without cooling/cleaning procedure, for any desired Period, or even zero Period, if necessary).
From another point of view, this Internal Combustion Engine could be the main and the most adaptive Platform for a Compact Hybrid Engine.
Other applications are Hydraulic Pumps or Motors, Pneumatic Pumps or Motors, Refrigeration Machines, Stirling Engines and Electric Generators or Motors.

Main Innovative Aspects, concerning the Mechanism and its Applications, are:
- Innovative interconnecting Transmission Mechanism performing any desired Kinematic Cycle,
- Innovative Internal Combustion Engine performing an almost ideal Thermodynamic Cycle,
- Innovative Stirling Engine of high Thermal Efficiency.
Following a specific Research Strategy, more than Twenty substantial Parameters (some of them with a number of discrete values greater than two) have been investigated, therefore more than Two Millions of discrete Structural Combinations have been virtually tested one by one.
Among these Structural Combinations there are configurations without peripheral slot, or with shorter or even of zero length cantilever of the body of the Pistons, or with a ratio of working volume to total toroidal volume much greater than the one that appears in this Proposal.
Although the configuration of this Proposal has performed very well in all the aforementioned virtual tests, there are other configurations perhaps much more promising from a practical point of view and the exhaustive investigation of the commercial potential of all these could be the subject of another Project.
There are already Two International Patent Applications (WO/2007/125373 & WO/2009/040588) with excellent Search Reports and Pending Patents.

Significant Advantages, concerning the Mechanism and its Applications, are:
- Maximum Mechanical Efficiency (deviation of degree of efficiency of non-circular gears from the one of standard gears less than 0.1%),
- Maximum Robustness (all bodies are freely supported at both ends and all toothings are or can be strictly planar),
- Maximum Compactness (ratio of working volume to total toroidal volume up to nine to ten - not for the Engines of the Application Examples of both International Applications),
- Achievement of any desired Progressiveness,
- Capability of Stop-and-Start Operation,
- Capability of Very Slow Output without an additional Reduction Unit,
- Achievement of excellent Sealing,
- Capability of Isochoric Combustion,
- Capability of Isobaric Combustion.

Major Market Applications:
- Volumetric Machines in general,
- Stationary Internal Combustion Engines,
- Engines for Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, Tractors,
- Engines for Crafts, Light Aircrafts,
- Stirling Solar Energy Systems,
- Stirling Geothermal Systems,
- Hydro-Electric Plants,
- Wind Power Generators.

Target Partner expertise sought:
- Industry in general,
- Automotive Industry,
- Manufacturer of Engines,
- Manufacturer of Transmissions,
- Hard Surface Coatings Specialist.

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