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Dual lumen adjustable length cannulae for medical therapies

[Category : - HEALTH]
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The invention is a dual lumen, adjustable cannula assembly which comprises an inner cannula which is moveable within an outer cannula. Each cannula has openings for fluid passage. The assembly may be placed at any region within a body cavity such as the peritoneal cavity, the vena cava, veins or arteries. The inner cannula can be advanced beyond the position of the cannula assembly so as to communicate with a region of the cavity different from that with which the outer cavity communicates. For example, such uses of this technology allows the infusion of different medications, commonly used in various medical therapies, without creating drug interactions. Isolated blood sampling can be performed without drug interactions. More efficient dialysis, hemodialysis or intraperitoneal, can be performed with this arrangement, as well as, its use in a cardiopulmonary bypass venous circuit.

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