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Double layer condom with fluid spiral barrier interlayer

[Category : - HEALTH]
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A two layer prophylactic device taking the form of a male or female condom, or female diaphragm. The invention includes two synthetic material layers bonded to one another along with a spiral patent, continuous chamber between the layers. This spiral chamber communicates between two compliant chambers at opposed ends of the device and is filled with a pharmacological fluid to help kill disease-bearing microbes and/or sperm cells which may permeate through either layer of the device during coitus. Due to the unique spiral chamber design, chosen pharmacological fluid remains uniformly dispersed during coitus and lowers the incidence to rupture. Should one layer rupture during use, the pharmacological fluid will flow through the rupture and coat the adjacent sex organ. The present invention is especially effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. This technological design is also ideal for added protection to personnel using gloves.

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