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Biocompatible surgical adhesive for treating bleeding states

[Category : - HEALTH]
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This patented technology comprises a surigcal adhesive or glue that has high strength and is biocompatible with various tissues. Toxicity and mutagenicity studies have revealed the safety of this adhesive with no noted adverse effects. Preliminary pre-clinical studies involving traumatic incidences of large organs, arterial injuries and lung resections has demonstrated its superior qualities, including its outstanding results when compared to a commercially marketed adhesive. This adhesive also has high tensile strength, an important property necessary to seal vigorously bleeding tissues; thereby, allowing complete healing to occur. This adhesive does not require refrigeration and does not require pre-mixing. It is easy to apply and cures within 3-5 minutes. The outstanding qualities of this adhesive when compared to present adhesives makes this a superior, safe product with a wide range of applications. The use of this in addressing bleeding conditions, including trumatic injuries to combat soldiers, establishes very large worldwide markets.

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