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Transporting Pet Dryer Carrier

[Category : - PET PRODUCTS]
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With the portable transporting Pet Dryer Carrier you can easily dry your pets after bathing or after bringing them in your home from the outdoor wet weather. With this unique Pet Dryer Carrier you can easily take it with you when you travel, thanks to the AC/DC plug application, your pets can now feel warm and comfortable when their wet and cold. If your pet is in warm conditions you can use just the fan feature to cool them.

Benefits & Features:

:With the Pet Dryer Carrier, drying your pets after a bath is now a breeze!

:Built in Blow Drying Bar: No more wrestling or running after your pets with a blow dryer!

:Motorized Drying Bar: Moves back and forth the whole carrier, so your pet is comfortable and safe from excessive heat!

:Fan and Heat Control: Allows you to adjust the air or heat flow, timer control allows for length of drying time!

: Pet Dryer Carrier: Can be manufactured in small, medium, or larger sizes!

In closing I feel my product will do very well in the market place because of the extensive research I have personally done in contacting personal pet owners, grooming facilities and animal clinics. Their response has been that it is a fantastic idea, and many have questioned if this product is on the market. I do not have the finances to get this product where it needs to be, there for I am looking to sell my patent. This would be a very profitable investment for the right investor, company or manufacture to take this to the next and final level of production.
In 2003 the pet product industry in the U.S. alone reached $31 BILLION dollars in sales, and I'm sure its much higher by now, everyone loves their pets.
The picture that you see below is a working prototype but the design needs to be a much more streamlined design, more space age looking with a more enclosed double top casing to hide and streamline the rotating heater element and fan assembly. It would also be very modern and cool looking to be made of colored brushed aluminum in a variety of colors such as silver, black, blue, green and red just to name a few, the skys the limit. I'm telling you put in the right hands of someone who could have the same vision as I have for this product and have the finances to get this where it needs to be, this can be a multi-million if not billion dollar making product.
I also have other drawing designs available and am willing to show you all the information I envision for this product to interested parties.

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