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Used Oil Filter Draining Tool

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LPE Tools has developed an Oil Filter Draining Tool that safely and effectively removes significant quantities of residual oil from used automobile oil filters.

Approximately 30 million Americans change their own oil. These Do-It-Yourselfers generate over 150 million used oil filters annually, most of which (up to 75%) are sent along with household trash to a landfill for disposal.

The typical unpunctured used oil filter from a passenger car or light-duty truck contains 8-16 ounces of residual oil – this means up to 14 million gallons of used motor oil is improperly disposed of each year.

By using LPE’s Oil Filter Draining Tool, up to 70% of this residual oil can be safely and effectively removed, thereby increasing the amount of used oil that is recycled and protecting the environment.

Most other draining tools puncture the filter on the side from the outside. Our tool punctures the filter dome from the inside which creates an outward facing funnel, allowing for greater oil removal.

Our patented Oil Filter Draining Tool is made out of stainless steel and works on filters from almost all US and foreign passenger vehicles and light trucks. The tool will accept filters with openings of 0.6”-1.0” (which includes the most common 18 mm, ¾”, 20 mm, 13/16”, and 22 mm openings) and works on filters up to 5¼” in length.

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