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Vertical Bicycle Parking

[Category : - Biking]
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This vertical bicycle parking project is unique in the way that bicycles are stored or parked, secured and lifted in vertical position.
When designed, all word's bicycle parking requirements and regulations have been taken in consideration: support the bicycle without risk of damage, enable both wheels and the frame to be locked, be as close as possible to the cyclist's destination, be placed in public view, be maximally protected from theft, be protected from weather where possible, be clearly signed where necessary, be easily accessible, pose no hazard to pedestrians, be well lit if used at night, be protected from encroachment by motor vehicles, and occupying the minimum space.
Considering mentioned criteria, this parking device completely satisfies all regulations as follows:
When placing bicycle on device, both wheels (touching pneumatics only) are locked in sandwich between wheel frames, bicycle is secured with one, two or three standard padlock. One padlock will secure the wheel frame sandwich, second padlock will additionally secure bicycle on device by locking pedal to the unit and third padlock will lock the bicycle ramp in vertical position. Such security shell definitely unable theft of bicycle or its wheels. Beside this, there is possibility to use standard bicycle securing chain instead of padlock or use it as additional security.
The way, that bicycle is placed and fixed on device will save the bicycle of possible damages either when positioning it on device or during the time of storage (parking).
Lifting bike up when positioned on device 50% of space is saved comparing to the any known parking system with both wheels on the floor. It is important to mention, that lifting bike up together with device ramp, does not require any effort. Consequently, children and women can easily lift it up.
Placing bicycles with front wheel forward and next one with rear wheel forward (ramps are labelled), additional space is saved. So, comparing with Box Parking systems, which are mostly used systems in the world, 80% of space is saved. Namely, Box Parking system for ten bikes, occupies 20 m2, while this system occupies only 4 m2.
This parking unit is compact self standing system and could be moved easily from place to place. On the other hand, it can be fixed to the floor with bolts. Units can be assembled for one, two three? bikes. For big bicycle parking places, units can be extended endlessly. There fore, these parking systems are suitable for anyone, from single bicycle owners to big Bike Parks.

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