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Convertible Storage Box Assembly aka ( Taboxle )

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment- Camping and Outdoors - Tools]
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The Taboxle is a sturdy storage box that when disassembled then reassembled another way it becomes a sturdy table with two bench seats . It can be made in any size . It makes storing and transporting camping gear more efficient and convenient . At the campsite it makes into a table and benches to sit comfortably and have meals or perform other tasks . Depending on size you can have a whole campsite in one box . It can easlily be fitted with wheels , handle extinctions ,& support legs to make it easier to get it to wilderness campsites,and also turn it into a wheelbarrow. It is the only storage box or portable table that I know of that converts into one or the other . But it's uses are'nt only limited to camping , it can be used by anyone who needs a sturdy storage box for equipment and worktable or display table and work/display benches. The uses are only limited by the imagination of the user . There are no tools , needed to assemble or dissemble box or table ,no screws , nails , or hinges . It' a's a table...Taboxle . Manufacturing: The Taboxle can be made out of any sheet material . Once the pieces are cut there is little to no further processing needed . For construction workers it would be a handy storage/work box and on the job site it would be a worktable and workbenches . Fleemarketers it would be a sturdy storage box for thier wares and a display table and shelves when set up in thier market space . As stated once before the uses are only limited by the user.

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