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Self closing windproof market umbrella

[Category : - OTHER- Lawn and Garden]
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The windproof umbrella is a patio or market umbrella that automatically closes at wind speeds of approximately 30 mph.
Until now, these umbrellas have been susceptible to strong wind causing both personal and property damage.
I personally grew tired of repairing or replacing my old umbrellas: or running out in bad weather to close it before it was damaged.
My solution is the windproof umbrella. It is totally machanical with no motors, wires, etc.
I built the original and only working model about seven years ago in my garage. It is still working exactly as I envisioned with no failures or property damage to date..

Financial information

I am looking to sell the patent outright. There has been interest in the invention but potential buyers wanted a set of manufacturing drawings for production. I cannot afford this expense.

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