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Increase life of cooking oil in hot oil bath in REAl TIME

[Category : - OTHER- Food- Pneumatic Accessories]
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This Intelligent microprocessor-based multi-function sensor can be used to increase the life of coolant in metal cutting machinery in REAL TIME , cooking oil for making French Fries in hot oi bath, increase the life of a car engine by monitoring in REAL-Time engine oil quality and quantity , monitor in REAl-Time level , temperature and pressure of refrigeration compressor and medical industries. Additional details can be found on my websit at Link

Financial information

I am looking for strategic partners to produce and market this patented technology in the machining industry , food cooking and refrigeration market as well as car and truck markets. It can also be used to monitor in REAL-TIME the health of bearings and car engines.

Only part of my multi-function fluid sensor is patented. I did built prototypes for the proof of concept of measuring viscosity and acidity of fluid.

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