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Invention for the healthcare and the beauty of the acquarium

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This is my first invention and have no similar been sold or marketed before;I want to sell all the invention in all of its parts and components.The central body called MULTIFLORA is composed by e base body of deformable rubber materials is unhallergic ,and upon of it are collocated different systems of diffusion for the light and the O2 or Co2 gasses, that it makes beauty and magic the effect given by the sequences of vegetations allestited on it, thanks to the particularly elastic jacks that this instrument named Multiflora is made; On the top side are added from an order of eight to a maximum of sixteen of high intensity LED lights of different power alimentated by a power supply with an interrupter with variable intensity of current contained in the brevet, it gives also information’s about the water health’s state; much more of theese as I already said, exist an another component, that is installed on the first by jacks, and is constituted of a ant germicide diffuser that let gradually on the substrate a film impregnate of anthigermic substance that in contact with water comport the formation of the best condition for the life in the thank. In base of the coiches of the final clients, the system can be sold with two systems of pumps: The first electrical, as I wrote, and the second that is a manual system of pumping included in the brevet.

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