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[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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My invention is world no.1 worthy & human benificial product. The product is required by almost all industrialist & general public. The product is useful for the following purposes.It also arrests CO( Carbon Monoxide) and acts as solution for Global Warming. it can save the inhabitants of Earth. It is also very efficient in reducing industrial and domestic gas consumption. It emmits oxygen from vehicles.
This project infrastructural cost is not so high but the production can be generated within a month.
Trademark name Nopoll
Trademark no.3518604

Farmers will be highly benefited by this project because it's a agro based product & it's requirements is world wide in the field of renewable energy.

None of our patents has been previously sold or marketed.

Yes i have a specific condition for sale and i.e., outright purchase of my patent.
I want to sell my patent named Hemraj Fuel saver.

email id:- [Use the button below to contact me]

Financial information

Present Status oF the Product:

Previously. we were using tubular aluminium containers sealed on both sides containing rare herbs and using the same in the fuel tanks inorder to get extra mileage to reduce carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide to an extent of 60%.

But at present stage our product is in state of liquid.Now our composition, a powder has been obtained by processing 18 plants after serial processing. Then the powder was blended with vegetable oil and finally produced an ADDITIVE called Hemraj Fuel Saver(HFS) Additive-An Xtra Mileager.

Cost of the product In Indian Market at present is Rupees 5000 per litre.

Our product is available in different quantities viz., 1 ml to 1000 ml and more basing on placement of the orders.

Usage of product:

1 ml of the HFS Additive is enough for 5 lit of fuel to get a benefit of more mileage than the previous mileage of the vehicle. Even the same benefits can be achieved on application of same doses in industrial sectors without compromising the regular vehicular and industrial efficiency.

Features of the Product:
1. Saves your precious automobiles and industrial machinery and gives longevity.
2. It is more efficient in reducing your fuel consumption.
3.It increases the longevity of the engine.
4.It can save the money spend on fossil fuel.
5.It helps reduce the hazardous poisonous gases and the heavy effluents released from the automobiles,industries and other fuel consuming machinery.
6.It is 100% Herbal and ECO-FRIENDLY.
7. Emits oxygen from vehicle
8. Check the disease from consumption of hazardous gas & polluted air

1. tested and certified by the National Test House, Kolkata, India
2. chemically analysed & certified by SGS, Thane, Mumbai, India
3. vehicle testing, fuel testing & emission testing was done at Indian Oil Corporation, Faridabad, R & D division as per PCRA(Petroleum conservation research associatiom) norm, India
4. the additive was screen tested by HPCL(Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited) at Mumbai Lab

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