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In Vehicle Drum Simulator

[Category : - Automotive Accessories - Music]
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This is a unique device that allows the driver or passenger to mix a drum beat with the music coming from the vehicles speakers. The primary objective of this invention is to provide a drum mixer that allows the passenger or driver to actively play along with the music. it is a touch sensitive device that is located under the floor mats. By simply taping a foot, the user is able to keep in time with music by adding a drum sounds from low bass drum to a high crack or snare drum. it uses much the same technology as that of a Karaoke device.
For many of us, enjoying music is enhanced by keeping time with the music. For the artist in many of us, it allows the user to add his or her own beat or originality to any music.
It is the first vehicle audio device that allows the operator to overlay percussive sounds onto an audio signal. It can be made in sizes and styles for any make or model of vehicles and trucks.
This patent has never been sold or marketed, or other pieces of intellectual property associated with my invention.

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