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The first Carpool social networking app for iPhone, iPad &

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Same Way Drive marks your current GPS location with Google Maps and reveals the available drivers and passengers in your surrounding area. Select one to read reviews, ratings and contact to form a carpool.
After creating an account you will be able to view other users in your area and contact them for a ride or to give ride. You can choose to give out your phone number or simply make connections through Same Way Drive. You can browse through reviews of other users and see what others have said, ensuring that you pair with a reliable and trustworthy source. Save your contacts by recently messaged or even organize by creating folders of your favorites.
It's easy just CONNECT, MEET & GO!!!
This working application has 630+ likes at Facebook page, 2.07K+ downloads from more than 50+ different countries.
If only 100 people use this app annually on a daily bases we can prevent 2.5 million pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere and save 12,000 gallons of gas. THINK GREEN!

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