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Sequential Brake Light systems for automobiles

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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We have invented an innovative, cost effective brake light system that will inform drivers exactly how fast the car in front is stopping. This in turn will result in less rear end collisions, injuries and death. Every year there are 2.5 million rear end collisions. Any additional braking information that can be given to drivers will help reduce this number. Reducing this number by even 1% will have a huge economic impact and well as save numerous save lives and prevent long term injuries. While there is little dispute that brake lights are a crucial safety element of all vehicles, there are drawbacks associated with there use. Specifically, standard automobile brake lights operate in a binary fashion, either on or off, indicating only that the drivers foot is either on or off the brake pedal. The drivers of the vehicles behind any given vehicle have no way of differentiating if the vehicle ahead is slowing down, coming to stop or riding the brake, without correlation of the visual brake light signal with existing circumstances. The time required to correlate and assess this information is not always enough to avoid an accident, particularly in emergency or panic braking situations and bad road conditons due to weather, which can and do, unexpectedly arise. Because standard brake lights do not distinguish between sudden, intense braking, or slow, causal, braking, many accidents take place which may have been avoided if brake lights conveyed more detailed information about drivers intent. Driving is too serious to be basing one's decisions on interpretation of ambiguous signals. Motorists need something more solid, more definite, to be fully cognizant of the braking intent of the driver in the vehicle ahead of them - whether the driver is braking for a gradual stop, sudden stop, or merely slowing down. Having recognized the need for a brake light system which would visually alert other drivers of the amount of braking force applied. SBL Systems Inc. has conceived and Patented the idea for this product which has been designated as the Sequential brake light

Starting bids at $1.5 million with 7% lifetime Royalties on future sale or manufacture of product. Royalties can be negotiated, based on final bid price.

Financial information

Sequential brake lights can be self installed as a replacement of the existing 3rd. Brake light and potentially be sold to car manufacture to install on assembly line. A marketing report was conducted and found that the income potential is endless due to shear number of vehicles on the road in he USA alone.

Currently had open heart surgery and health not doing so well so looking for quick sale and someone to make this vision happen to save lives.

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