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Low-tech solar, wind, water or wave energy desalination.

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This non-chemical recently patented invention enables desalination to continue 24/7 wherever there is sufficient renewable sources to turn sea or polluted water into steam, which then reverts to potable or irrigation water.

It solves the water shortage problems presently experienced in arid coastal regions, and without causing hypersalinity, and may also be applied to salt concentrated lake and river water.

Unlike other desalination mechanisms, it does not require extensive piping or continual maintenance.

The invention has not been previously sold or marketed, and there are no other associated IP pieces.

The patent will be licensed at reasonable cost to manufacturers in countries wherever there is a shortage of potable or irrigation water and sufficient sources of sunlight or other renewable energy. The licensing fee for the benefit of people living in the Developing Countries will take into account how much they can afford.

Financial information

I am looking for a straightforward licensing arrangement whereby the licensee indicates the terms most appropriate to their business at the same time as being aware of the necessity of providing potable and irrigation water at an affordable price to the people needing it.

I am assuming there will either be a one off fee to cover distribution in a particular country, or, should the licensee prefer, a fee to cover each production unit after an initial retainer fee has been specified.

The market potential varies with rainfall patterns and population density.

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