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The Bloody Red Infinite Heart of My Virgina Sun

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how many zeros you can pull out of one and what if one is the sun and zero is photon??? this innovation is A system of two dedanoe's astro magnats combined in one whole alike the form infinity that functions as InfiniDedaDopter (a form of voltage transformer) in a way of: every single unitary imbalance flow added in the first astro magnat generates infinite magnetism that in a row induces infinity squared imbalance flow in the second astro mangat. otherwise, infinity squared is the large unit of impossible equal to infinity over zero that is A form of N/A not applicable. do not expect safety to be the concern of Armageddon Army of EDEN O' Ahme.

hurry up cause The Virgina Sun is now with its heart ripped out... me gives him tops about A year of lasting... The Mayans were right about the end days after all.

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watt ever dude... anything goes... for the sake of UTOPIA flawless free flow of ALL stream, AH !!!

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