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Method... for Supporting Multiple-Party Communications

[Category : - SOFTWARES- Computers and computer accessories - Telecommunications]
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This patent is a part of the portfolio of 7 US granted patents and 1 US Continuation application.

This patent from the portfolio covers the vital functionality of major multi-user collaboration tools that exist on the market today.

This technology shows typing character-by-character and drawing as it progresses, in real-time. We show to participants each other pointers to provide true presence awareness, while not revealing faces by video. That's important for both business meetings where people work on the shared documents, and entertainment where people prefer to stay anonymous.

The core functionalities of this patent and value-add distinguishing features from other patents will differentiate portfolio owners in current highly competitive world of Internet collaborations - for both business and entertainment. The patent portfolio:
1. Will serve as a safety net against potential infringements
2. Can be sub-licensed to others
3. Will protect own paid services against free ones.

Presence Awareness, as we have patented it, enhances the user experience, and increases user stickiness to website or meeting provider, reducing churn. Since Internet meetings are typically paid subscription services, this technology is revenue generating.

- this patent has never been marketed
- sale condition: grant back to inventor to use
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