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Amplified Cable Can Harvest Energy From Signals

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We have developed an amplified cable which we use to improve guitar signal response (see Link). The amplifier in the jack is powered by watch batteries (also in the jack) and this amplifies the signal coming out of the guitar coils, the same as active pickups but the cable can be used on any guitar. We have also added effects in the amplifier circuit (such as distortion) and sold many of these cables under the trade name "Power Wire". The sale of the patent includes all business related to R&M Tone Technology (website, database, cable manufacturing, etc.). The typical battery usage for the Power Wire over a year.

We have also demonstrated how energy can be extracted from the signal and used to drive the amplifier - the voltage output is lower from the amplifier but it is driven from a low-impedance output of the amplifier, which improves frequency response of the signal through the cable. This allows the cable to act as a signal extender, improving the eye-pattern of differential signals over a longer length of cable. Many claims related to this energy-harvesting method make this patent a contender in the low energy electronics market.

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