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Hound Walker/Trainer

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This product is appropriately named the Hound Walker/ Trainer, because that is exactly what it does. Imagine the following different scenarios:


You are an athlete and you have grown accustomed to taking your dog for a run or a brisk walk every day, and one day while running, you loose your balance and roll your ankle. The injury has you sidelined for at least three weeks. Three weeks of no running and only walking at a very slow and deliberate pace. What do you do? You place your dog in the patented Hound Walker/Trainer for a short period of time to allow it to get its exercise while you watch it and nurse your foot back to health.

Scenario 2

You are an older person who has walked their dog religiously since it was born. You are now much older (as is the dog) and it is becoming increasing difficult to walk as you did because of ailments that may put you off of your feet for a few days. What do you do? You place your dog in the patented Hound Walker/Trainer for a short period of time to allow it to get its exercise while you watch it and encourage it to finish up the last few minutes.

Scenario 3

You are a person who has moved to an area where the environment is not very hospitable. It is either monsoon-like rain, extreme heat, or frigid cold. The weather keeps you captive within your own house and you want to have your dog get some exercise. What do you do? You place your dog in the patented Hound Walker/Trainer for a short period of time to allow it to get its exercise while you watch it and the weather to see if maybe you will find a few moments during a weather break so that you and the dog can go outside so that it may relieve itself after walking for a few minutes in the trainer.

Scenario 4

You are a young couple just starting off with your career and life, when you decide to get a puppy. When you have time, you go for long walks, but as you progress more and more into your career you are finding you have less and less. Time has grown short and demands of your time have grown from your superiors or acquaintances. You don’t want to give your dog up, but you don’t want it to suffer by not getting any exercise. What can you do? You place your dog in the patented Hound Walker/Trainer for a short period of time to allow it to get its exercise while you watch it as you prepare your notes for work or finish your final preparations before going out to meet your acquaintances.

Scenario 5

You are a trainer for the military or police force and you have been tasked with getting some dogs that have been transferred to your facility into shape by building up their stamina. The problem is that there are too few trainers and limited space in which to run the dogs. What can you do? You place your dogs in the patented Hound Walker/Trainers for as long as necessary in order for you to establish that they have begun their training matrix and are on the road to cardiovascular fitness.

Scenario 6

You are the owner of a kennel and it is always full with dogs by people who trust you to care for them when they must take a vacation or take care of personal needs. You have a limited staff with a large number of dogs to walk, plus even those that do have a chance to walk can only do so for a short period of time, due to availability of space and number of workers. What do you do? You place the dogs in the patented Hound Walker/Trainer for whatever period you deem is necessary for the dogs to get the exercise they need for that period of time.

The above mentioned scenarios are all great examples of the practical uses

Figure 1 displays some of the illustrations drawn to a small scale on one page. Each subsequent page displays others or the same illustration drawn to a larger scale

Figure 2 displays the ball enclosure in the pedestal along with the dog

Figure 3 displays the ball enclosure in the pedestal along with the dog as seen on the ball bearings

Figure 4 displays the ball edge as it sits on the ball bearings, showing that each ball bearing is supported by a spring that is affixed to the inside base of the pedestal. It is affixed by a soldering process

Figure 5 displays a view from above of the sphere in the pedestal on the left and the ball bearings shown without the sphere

Figure 6 displays the sphere as seen as it comes together in an open and closed position

Figure 7 displays how the sphere connects

Figure 8 displays how the door is affixed to the sphere as well as how it opens and closed.

Exactly how is it assembled? The Hound/Walker Trainer will be built in this way: Figure 6. The sphere is molded of a strong wire mesh (similar to chicken wire, but flattened and much stronger). The wires will be laid out in a diamond shaped pattern that will be large enough for the dog to see its owner and vise versa but small enough to ensure that the dog’s paws can not fit through. The sphere will also be rubber coated both inside and outside. Inside coating will allow the dog to maintain a firm grip while running and not cause injury to its paws. Outside coating will allow the sphere to roll easily along the ball bearings during use. When produced, the two spheres will be apart with one lying convex inside the other. In order to assemble the sphere, one must face both halves together and connect them. Refer to Figure7. Even though both halves are magnetized, they will still be secured by clasping them together. Once all of the clasps have been connected around the sphere, then that part is complete. Keep in mind that one of the sphere halves will have the door apparatus (Figure 8).The door apparatus is simply the opening used to put the dog in and get him out of the ball. Once you ensure the door is secured, then the next portion is the pedestal.
The pedestal already comes complete. There is no assembly required. It has 96 ball bearing located in the outer ring three abreast and four deep in a pattern of eight by four. The middle ring is comprised of four rows of ball bearings beginning with the outer edge which has 32 ball bearings; the next roll has 24 followed by the third row which has 16 followed by the final row, which has 8. In the very middle there is one ball bearing, bringing the grand total to 177 ball bearings. These ball bearings are correctly referred to as “steel polishing media.” These balls will sit atop of springs that will have the bottom end soldered to the inside base of the pedestal (refer to Figure 4). The balls will then be placed on top of the springs as a pre-cut metal sheet (with holes) is placed on top of the ball bearings. The holes will be cut to fit each ball bearing through the holes, so that 1/3 of the ball bearing is protruding. Total weight of the sphere should not exceed 75 pounds (depending on which size sphere is purchased). This structure will provide the sphere with some give, as the dog is put into the sphere (not unlike a strong set of shock absorbers).

The Sphere is now ready for use. Exactly how is it used? The Hound/Walker Trainer is used in the follow manner. The person using the apparatus will have to determine which size trainer is the correct size for his or her dog. Once that is established and assembly is complete, the owner slides open the door (refer to Figure 8) and places the dog in the walker. Then the owner stands in front of the sphere where his dog can see him or her and slowly pulls the sphere towards him. The sphere works on kinetic energy, so as the sphere begins to move, the dog will move also. Once the dog begins moving, then he will not stop until the owner stops the sphere with his or her hands. The owner can walk completely around the sphere as the dog walks and the dog can follow by just adjusting their steps. This allows the owner to do things in the home while the dog exercises as well as look at its owner. Once the owner feels the dog has walked enough, he or she will place a hand gently on the sphere, easing it to a stop, locate the door, slide it open and remove the dog. The sphere can stay together or be taken apart after use.

This invention begins with the training of dogs, but evolves to humans training in a fitness studio.
When a person sings into a fitness studio, they go to the cardio room and enter a large sphere and program a scene; an example such as running with the bulls in Pamplona. They set the settings, set the resistance, then hit start. Immediately the sound of hooves thunder through the sphere as the runner begins to run. Soon the feel of hot breath comes from behind the runner as the bulls close in. The runner is able to experience the sights, sounds and emotion of running with the bulls without the danger. Other settings include, Arctic runs, Jungle runs etc..
This product is marketable and will be a rich man's playground

This invention has not been previously marketed.
There are no specific conditions for the sale
I have no trademarks or website to support the product, but I do have videos of a prototype as well as detailed diagrams which I will provide to support the description.

I am asking for a negotiated offer plus stock options once it is marketed. The percentage is negotiable. Thank you for your interest

Financial information

I am looking for an outright sale and a portion of the royalties.
My invention has never been previously marketed.
The potential is enormous (read description).
I am only protected by a ten-year patent.

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