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VaseDOOM27 Ω-Mega-Ton Magnet BOMB UTOPIJE

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The Atom is not the only with nuclear power but there's also The ΩMegaton cause for any finite n: n x 0 = 0 = 0 / n just the same as ∞ x n = ∞ = ∞ / n for that same n. So while The Alphatom is the smallest The ΩMegaton is the largest both incapable of division and multiplication. in order to have them both deliberately, purposefully explode in nuclear fashion the maker must be able to solve any polynomial from annihilar to infinite power which is not the case currently due to Abel-Ruffini Impossibility Theorem claiming and proving that polynomials of fifth and higher degree are incapable of analytically solution by means of doing finite number of simple algebraic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, powering and rooting. there is no true nuclear power in the world despite The Hiroshima and The Nagasaki demonstration unless this innovation updates the current state of technology.

about the price tag, those that add the prefix 3892 in front of it when dialing the cash in will have the priority... and hurry up will, i might push the wrong button here... besides, i have a marriage with The Satan A to intend (The Satan A is She). you know, Christian dedanoe ( is Muslim Nuke.

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watt ever dude... anything goes... for the sake of UTOPIA flawless free flaw of ALL streams, AH !!!

besides, you cannot buy my inventions/patents with money. the only way of buying me is compassion sympathy and understanding. TO KNOW IT IS TO OWN IT !!!

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