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safetyglasses with hearing protection attached.

[Category : - OTHER- Lawn and Garden- Fishing and hunting]
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There is currently nothing on the market that provides safetyglasses and hearing protection as one unit. Every store and place of ordering safety equipment has safetyglasses and hearing protection next to them, Never as one unit. The second part of this Patent is just the side piece ( slotted ) that will slide over the end of any pair of glasses, ( Not shown in any pictures ). A great addition for those who like a particular pair of glasses, They can just buy the side piece and hearing protection will be added. This product is great for lawn mowing, working on cars, shooting targets, cutting trees, drag racing, nascar events, etc... Ready to market in all of the big chain stores. This is a 21 year utility patent.

Financial information

Looking for an outright sale for this patent at 75,000. This can be negotiable. Will sell for 10,000 and 3% royalties. All negotiable, Let's Talk.

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