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safety razor with movable lower blade

[Category : - HEALTH- Bathroom]
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A razor with movable lower blade designed for wet shaving. More specifically, consists of at least two razor blades, top blade fixedly mounted normal to the straight moving direction and the blade shaft. Since next blade is suspended at one end which allows a relative movement direction opposite straight moving direction. Second blade may adopt an angle between zero and eighteen degrees from the upper blade horizontal position, preferably between four and fourteen degrees.

This means that subsequent blades crosses over a longer distance of the straw and thus to pro-vide a cleaner cut. The longer distance results in a smaller force (F) which is required to cut each straw. Less force is in turn more effective and less painful way of shortening a straw.

The force F is given by the formula: F = t ^ 2/2 tan v,

in which:
F = total force,
t = thickness of the straw,
v = approach angle between the blade and straw.

Applied: total force (F) at different angles of rows is set to one (1) and fourteen (14) degrees,
The first => 1 ^ 2/2 tan 1 => gives force 1/2tan1 => 28.64
The second => 1 ^ 2/2 tan 14 => gives force 1/2tan14 => 2.00
The third => 28.64 / 2 => ~ 14 times less force required for cutting a straw!

Financial information

Swedish Patent, ask me for more details !

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