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A New Method For Fabricating Electrical Wire Bundles

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The new invention will replace the conventional method of fabricating wire looms for the aviation & automotive industries .
Current method:
A huge wooden boards are currently used to stretch electrical wires on it. to take the final shape of the required harness.(This method hasn't been changed since the early days of flying).
The new invention:
A single white board which will do the job of this huge number of boards.
Benefits :
Advantages are so many but some are 1-Less space 2-Safer 3-Quicker 4-Easier 5-More than one Harness At a time could be made 6-Suitable for any length of harness even for large aircrafts 7-Two or three boards will be quite enough to run a large aircraft manufacturer 8-Quite simple to convert the drawings on the old boards into a graph paper to apply the new method.
The idea :
Instead of assigning a board for every wire harness with the actual length of wires drawn on it all the time.We use a graph paper represinting every wire harness and when a certain harness is required to be made we just draw this shape on a white board which is a part of this invention and has fixed nuts equally spaced to look like a graph paper,then we fix a number of screws at every end of the drawing also at every intersection to bend the wires over it.Finally all wires will be stretched over this white board by tightening the two ends of each wire to its apropriate screws ,after applying ty rab the new harness could be removed & the drawing erased so that the board will be ready for the next harness.
My invention hasn't been previously sold or marketed , and i will not put a fixed price for using it . Price will defer from facility to another according to the scale of production and iam welling to give the right to use it for free for small industries .

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