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New fin for swimming and diving - Quadrofin

[Category : - Swimming]
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There are several types of swimming equipment called fins. These are common flippers and monofin, they are fastened to the swimmer’s feet and have the main active paddle, which is the continuation of the feet. The paddle moves in the surface perpendicular to the surface of swimmer’s body.
The main disadvantages of these two types of fins:
- idle swing of the swimmer’s body due to the movement of two legs in the surface simultaneously (monofin) or by turns (flippers);
- impossibility to use the breaststroke or others of this type;
- uncomfortable swimming on water surface caused by the idle swing of the body and periodic immersion of swimmer’s face in water;
- uncomfortable (flippers) and impossible (monofin) walking on solid surface.

The invention offered simplifies the swimming technique, avoid idle, by certain swimming technique will give an opportunity to use both phases of leg movement, and possibility to walk on solid surface. It has extra function: the possibility to adjust the angle of attack of the paddle during the stroke, it will be also possible to change the paddles for certain conditions.

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