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Glow In The Dark Pet Strap, ( LUMINOUS: pet collar )

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First, I thank for this opportunity to place our Patent information here to help us locate an interested business party. (It is up to you to see, find and make the value and worth of this Patent).

I was awarded this genuine Patent, through a building of content with the help of many people. This Patent is for a pet collar that will emit light (glow) when light charged from ambient/natural light and can be visible when introduced to a less prevalent lite area. The main body of the collar strap is a clear formulated plastic with an added weight percent of colored luminescence. (There are over 10 colors available, with: yellow/green being among the brightest). The collar strap has two materials molded into it... ( 1.) A material for strength in the collar, an inner woven strap such as a nylon-ribbon or a thin flat woven KEVLAR strap/ribbon could be used as the reinforcing material inside the body of the collar, under the "light reversion strip". (With an appropriate buckle system, this collar could be very strong). & the second ( 2.) A material to allow the luminescence in the collar strap to work more proficiently (the "light reversion strip"). The light reflection from the light reversion strip can be adjusted, from a mirror like finish to a dull reflective finish...
when choosing the material for this.

The hardware for the collar is described in the Letters Patent. The collar is light charged to function, allowing pets to be seen or located in dark settings. The collar's design is similar to a flea collar, with a 'cut to fit' option or the extra length of strap can be restrained with the two added - sliding - "slack retainers". The Patent provides multiple choices in Designs, Shapes and Materials used in the inner and outer sections of the Collar strap. The given dimensions / sizes of the collar straps, can also be adjusted for different applications. DISCLAIMER: This product (collar) may hinder / distract pets (animals) from normal mating behavior. And depending on the materials chosen for the collar, test should be done on the collar when exposed to direct extreme sunlight for extended periods... this should be done to check the integrity and performance of the collar from a "heat up" possibility.

Financial information

This U.S. Patent # 7,980,203 is not under manufacture. When I started this "invention", there was not one of these collars, on the market. There are some complexities in the molding process of the collar strap (suspending the strap's inner materials, while molding). In this, the collar strap will perform better and be stronger. A Denver Colorado man pointed out that the light reversion strip can be stitched onto the reinforcing strap, maybe one stitch on each side of the strip to the strap. This would make the light reversion strip and the reinforcing strap easier to work with, in the molding process. The collars can be a more basic design or more 'high tech', depending on the performance output chosen in the materials. There are no available prototypes, I can try and help answer any questions or explain details. Thank you.

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