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Sea wave energy generator.

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We have a patent on a turbine called the Automatic Pitch Turbine. This turbine is much more efficient than the Wells Turbine. Because it can have a maximum attack angle of 45 degrees on both sides of the flow (air or fluid). The turbine will adjust its pitch automatically in accord to the flow change. It will not stall like the Wells turbine. Also we have a patented speed control that will control the speed of the turbine that works in parallel with the Automatic Pitch Turbine. This turbine can be used with an oscillating water column or with a bidirectional tide waves system. Here you can see how it functions: Link

Financial information

We are first interested in selling, but would also consider license with royalties. It has never been sold or marketed. There are only two places that are using this technology. But the turbines they are using has a very low efficiency and will stall. In Link you can see how the Automatic Pitch Turbine functions inside an OWC or Oscillating Water Column. This system will produce energy in the megawatts range and 24/7. Since it does not use no fuel, the only cost for this system is the cost of building it and it will have a very low cost of maintenance. And since there is hardly any power companies using this system, there is a very big potential of growth.

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