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Wristband Remote Controller - Controls Music All In The Wrist!

[Category : - ELECTRONICS- Music- Audio - Video]
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On Cue Remote Is A Bluetooth enabled remote controller has functions of a normal regular remote control (Pause, Play, forward, Rewind)
Embedded in a one size fits all cotton wristband controlling the music player all on the wrist !

The Problem that On Cue Remote seeks to solve:

No need to bend over, search in your pocket, or even walk over to control the music. Simply use the basic functions like you would with a normal remote control to control the flow and tempo of the music all conveniently on your wrist. Makes for a more convenient way to control the flow of the dance and physical workouts, while in physical motion, and in live active dance stance and workout.

On Cue Remote Creates a smoother and more flowing overall music listeners overall experience. This product will make it more convenient for the individual wearing the On Cue Remote on their wrist and the dancers workouts to be “on que” with their dance or workout sessions.

Why Better than existing products:

After extensive research with my team of researchers, we have found that there to be only one competition at the moment that exists. However continue reading my marketing plan below, that will allow On Cue Remote Controller to rise above this competition and product.
On Cue remote is the choice for all music lovers to control the music easily and very conveniently all on the wrist!

Financial information

Product Developer is Seeking Outright Sale.

"On Cue Remote" has not been previously sold or market.

Market Potential for On Cue Remote:

Expansive growth. Worldwide.
Compatible universal remote controller with Ipods, Ipad, Iphones, and any musical device.

Where would it be sold?

Best Buy, Radio Shack, Wal-mart, K-Mart Target, Technology stores, online electronic stores, or anywhere remote controllers are sold.

Key Points of On Cue Remote as The Revolutionary Remote Controller:

On Cue keeps the music and dance flow going, and allows speed, feel, and tempo of the overall dance instruction and experience to be easier to manage by being in control of the music smoothly.

Eliminates inconvenience of searching for traditional remote, walking all the way over to music player to control music, digging in pockets and lag time getting in control of the music during dance instruction that you have with a normal standard remote control, On Cue Remote Controller is "All In The Wrist."

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