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Self cooling motor system

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This invention is directed towards a low volt DC traction motor for an electric car, the armature is liquid cooled.

A self cooling motor system includes an internally cooled motor assembly operationally interconnected to a heat transfer assembly. The internally cooled motor assembly includes a winding assembly having one or more winding, each winding constructed of an electrically conductive material and having a fluid passage extending lengthwise therethrough. A fluid heat transfer media flows through the winding(s) while the internally cooled motor assembly is in operation, and the fluid heat transfer media is structured to remove a predetermined amount of heat from the winding(s) of the motor assembly. The fluid heat transfer media is transferred to the heat transfer assembly, where heat is dissipated from the fluid heat transfer media, reducing its temperature to a preselected exit temperature, prior to reintroduction into the winding(s) of the internally cooled motor assembly.

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