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Aircraft for landing on horizontal cable (not deck)

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A big problem in aviation is landing of an aircraft on a runway ( a deck). It is a very dangerous operation (60% of all incidents), and requires a long and expensive runway (an aircraft carrier). Another problem is necessity of a complex landing gear.
The purpose of this invention is to solve these problems of the aircraft landing.
An airborne arresting apparatus for a cable landing aircraft involves an arresting hook with a grip portion and an axis of rotation of the arresting hook. This hook extends above the aircraft by the grip portion during a landing to be engaged with a horizontal cable of a cable landing device situated at a landing position. The axis of rotation of the arresting hook being located in parallel to body a lateral axis of the aircraft and within an area defined by the longitudinal expanse of the mean aerodynamic chord, above and behind of the center of gravity of the aircraft.
The aircraft flies under the cable (with minimum level speed) and engages by the grip portion with the cable. A result of this engagement is the braking force causes the aircraft to decelerate to stop. The aircraft becomes suspended on the cable of the cable landing device.
The benefit of using of that invention is an opportunity to land on a horizontal suspended cable instead of a hard surface of the runway (a desk). Advantages of the airport for some types of aircrafts are a great decrease of size of the airport (an aircraft carrier), and more safety of landing of the aircrafts.

Financial information

A form of partnership may be any, best of all an outright sale.
The market of this product may be more than $1 000 000 000.
The system of landing (without supports) of an unmanned aircraft (for
instance, the weigth less than 25 Lb) may cost about $100 .
This patent No.8313057 was issue 11/20/2012 and has not been previously sold.
Qther patents of this idea are RU 2235045 and GB 2416154.

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