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Portable Fishing Pole Holder

[Category : - Fishing and hunting]
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A portable fishing pole holder is a device for supporting a fishing pole without manually holding the pole. It is a substantially "Y" shaped frame which further comprises a support and an anchor. The support contains the fishing pole. The anchor secures the fishing pole holder. Optionally, the fishing pole holder includes a bridging member to more securely contain the fishing pole. The an anchor for securing the in which the fishing pole is placed while fishing. The other end is used to anchor the device. Optionally, it has members to more securely support the fishing pole or to more securely anchor the device.

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The fisherman simply walks to the fishing spot, places the spiral on the ground and twists the handle to securely anchor the device in the ground. The fisherman casts to the desired location, places the pole inside the disclosure, and closes the latch. The fishermen is then free to perform other tasks. Because the pole is held upright (unlike laying the pole on the ground or leaning it against a random object), the fisherman can see activity on the pole from a distance away. Therefore he can move about and monitor the pole for a catch. A single fisherman could reliably fish multiple spots.

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