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Innovative Scoop Holder for Holding A Cat Litter Scoop

[Category : - PET PRODUCTS]
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This invention is a new and innovative scoop holder for holding a cat litter scoop. The scoop holder can be attached to the litter box or a near-by wall, so that the scoop holder is always conveniently available for use by the pet owner. In one configuration, the scoop holder includes a flexible liner that is removable and separately cleanable. In another configuration, the liner can be removed, discarded and replaced with a new liner. In yet another configuration, the scoop holder includes a flexible liner that remains attached to the holder, but the liner can be outwardly pulled away from the holder for convenient cleaning of the liner and then pushed back into the holder. The scoop holder can be sold separately and attached to the litter box or wall by adhesive, screws or Velcro. Alternatively, the scoop holder can be integrally form with the litter box during manufacture. This invention provides a sanitary means for holding a litter scoop when the scoop is not in use, so that soiled litter particles are not deposited on the floor near the litter box.

Financial information

A U.S. patent application has been filed. The inventor will sell or license all rights in the patent application and all patents issuing from the patent application. The license can be an exclusive license or a nonexclusive license. Sale price for outright sale or royalty rate of a license to be negotiated. It has been estimated that the current total U.S. market for pet convenience products is $11 billion dollars and is expected to grow approximately 20% annually. This new and innovative invention can capture a significant share of that market.

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