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1st & Only Contractible Shipping Containers!

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K-Tech R & D Corporation has patented and developed radical shipping containers that will change the shipping industry for many companies shipping liquids, semi-viscous and certain food products, affecting container users and shippers alike. The main reason for this change is the fact that we hold the only patented technology that enables hard plastic containers to contract up to 70% of their original size when empty. This means the shipping game has now been changed----- as our technology cuts shipping costs by up to 70%! No other company has this technology, since we hold the only patent in this area. And, we can acquire more patents and a trademark name that effectively extend our patent monopoly another 20 years. Other technologies offer knock down cage systems and bladder systems which leak, and which are labor intensive to re-construct. K-Tech has developed the most efficient system available, which it believes can be the most significant container technology in the last 50 years. This is viable and feasible technology to make, as the company has manufacturers and interested distributors and user companies, including Fortune 500 companies. The company has engineers' drawings for making 3 gallon and 55 gallon contractible drums and for making a 330 gallon contractible tote. And, we have a proven method to save on shipping costs for bottles, as well.

Financial information

* Breakthrough Shipping Technology That Will Transform How The
World Ships Liquids, Semi-Liquids, and Grain-Type Materials

* Covers Numerous Market Sectors

* Lead Your Industry With A Market-Leading Container Opportunity

* The Only Intact, Empty Plastic Containers Contract Up To 70% Of
Their Full-Shipped Size

* Seek Royalty License Or Exclusive Relationship With

* This Technology Has Never Been Done Before

* The Only Contractible Band Container Patent, Which Represents
A Veritable Manufacturing And Market Monopoly

* Covers Liquids, Semi-Liquids, Grains, Pellets, Etc.

* Band(s) Restrict Container To Any Size

* Superior And More Efficient Compared To Knock-Down Crates Or
Bladder Systems, Which Require Extensive Labor To Re-
Construct And / Or Leak

* Feasibility Study

* Covers Any Size Container, From 1 Gallon To Thousands Of

* For Example, a 330 Gallon Tote Contracts to 110 Gallons, 55
Gallon Containers Contract To 15 Gallons; 55 and 3 Gallon
Containers Contract To 1.5 Gallons and 1 Gallon Respectively

* Engineer's Drawings Available To Make A Contractible 330 Gallon
Container And A 3 Gallon and 55 Gallon Containers

* Economically Feasible And Viable To Manufacture

* Saves Up To 70% In Empty Return Shipping Costs

* Can Acquire Additional Patents

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