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Breakthrough Plastic Insulation Replaces Fiberglass / Foam!

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A method of insulating a space including the steps of: forming an insulation piece using at least one base material that are interlocked so as to produce a body with a predetermined starting shape and placing the insulation piece in a space to define an insulating barrier between first and second regions between which the space resides.

This is a ready-to-be-built system, and the only one of its type. It will achieve High R-
Factors and will prove to be far less costly than any other manufacturing option currently available and will reform virtually all insulation applications.

The World's First Bubble Fusion Insulation fuses together multiple layers of individual plastic spheres that can incorporate any gas, such as argon (among others) or just air, that precludes the permeability of cold or heat from piercing or entering the spheres.

The company's principals believe that its technology will result in a High R- Factor in inside building walls that previously was unattainable. Its technology represents closed cell technology, as opposed to current open cell systems, which represent all current insulations.

Preliminary testing reveals the efficacy of such an approach which under ideal conditions can achieve significantly higher R-Factors, while our manufacturing and unit cost structures are significantly less than those of current industry leaders.

Financial information

* Creates A Sea-Change In The Insulation Industry
* Greatly Decreases Air Gaps Compared To All Other Systems
* Is The Only Patented Plastic Bubble Fusion Insulation
* Bubble Fusion insulation Manufacturing Machines Are Much Smaller &
Much Less Expensive Compared To All Other Technologies
* Can Be Made Into Any Size Or Configuration
* Allows A Manufacturer To Design A Machine To Its Specifications
* Engineers' drawings are ready for an Insulation Machine that can be
designed and built in 38 weeks
* Can employ recycled plastics
* Bubble Fusion Cell Insulation is the lightest, least costly & the most environmentally
* Batt insulation can be made from flexible or rigid materials
* Installs in new and older buildings
* Can be installed by the homeowner without being fitted with protective
* Maintains existing size footprint---same as standard fiberglass insulation
* Can Be Used In Residential, Commercial, Vehicle, Marine, Airplane, & Food
& Thermos Applications, Among Others
* Represents A True Market Monopoly / No Head-To-Head Competition

Applicable Base material- Base material may consist of recycled, new plastic or other materials.

Anticipated Applications- Stealth Light's insulation / sound reduction technology
can be incorporated into residential, commercial, vehicle, marine, airplane, as
well as in food, clothing and thermos applications, among others. Machines can be designed for these various applications.

The Company has signed Non-Disclosure Agreements from the top insulation manufacturers.

We are interested in the following options:

Manufacturer Relationship
Outright Sale
Royalty License

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