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Boat Bird Deterrent over deck/rails

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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A bird deterrent with a reel of reflective ribbon, a reel housing, a reel housing to railing retaining member, a plurality of reflective ribbon to railing retaining members and ribbon retaining cap members. The reel housing to railing retaining member is attached to the reel housing. The railing retaining members include front and rear hinged clamping members. Each clamping member includes a railing retaining tubular aperture. The ribbon to railing retaining members each include a ribbon retaining member. The front and rear clamping members are tightened onto the rail of a cabin cruiser or sail boat by of a threaded thumbscrew. The reel housing and ribbon retaining members are attached to the railing so that the ribbon can be unwound from the reel housing and placed in a zig zag orientation within each ribbon retaining member and held in place by the ribbon retaining caps.

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Selling the rights to this product in its entirety.

US demand for recreational boats, propulsion systems and accessories is forecast to grow 8.0 percent annually to $10.1 billion in 2016. With such a demand and boom in market this product should easily be targeted.

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