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[Category : - Computers and computer accessories ]
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PURPOSE: A multi-probe of a defect detection including nondestructive thin film sensor is provided to improve detection efficiency and to reduce the test time. CONSTITUTION: The body(100) attaches to the multi array sensor to the bottom of the probe module in order to detect the deformity of the subject. The probe knob(200) is connected to the body and is easily formed to move in order to detect the deformity of the subject. The terminal connector(300) is formed in the lower part of the probe knob. The measuring equipment is interlinked as probe and wire.

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The examination of the inspection samples and a wide range of built-in multi-sensor array consisting of a multi-probe module within a multi-probe, The CoNiFe ternary thin films by using non-destructive thin film sensor, The effect of the bad the inspection samples that can be imaged high resolution, allowing the detection of micro-cracks through the implementation of a high magnetic flux density in the excitation coil of 0.2mm metal pole

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