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Clamp for wheelie bin liners

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS- Lawn and Garden- Cleaning devices]
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This invention is a reversal clamp in that it anchors itself and any other item to the apposing walls which it is inserted.

In so doing it fits all sub Sahara Europe and Eastern Asian wheelie bins in that it will ensure the liner manufactured by plastic bag company's do not fall inside the bin when the lid is lifted.

The clip is injection moulded and can be made from virgin and or recyclable polypropylene. This makes it 100% recyclable.

Buy using the clip, with the liner, cost saving of millions is made due to non use of water used to clean these bins, and as well the prevention of contamination of drain water in that process.

Its true value, on a world wide market I believe is priceless as the availability of water is becoming rapidly a major concern through out the globe.
Furthermore the spread of diseases and infections of these 240 litre wheelie bins is rapidly growing, and the need to keep them clean is a growing concern.

The solution is the use of the liner, however you cant get the liner to work without this very cost efficient clamping solution to the problem.

Financial information

Out right sale, I would be interested in a reasonable offer inclusive of all cost of transfer of legal ownership.

That been said anything is negotiable and again I would as well be interested in market share for the use of the design of this very unique clamp.

We have sold many units of 4 clamps per unit, and was at one stage register to sell onto a retail market, however the deal was shut down when the 2008 recession hit.

I have since then not been able to acquire the capital to invest in the product to market it and get it going.

The long term concept was never to sell it separately with the bags but to sell it with them as a unit.

That way the product is no measure against anything on the market worldwide.

If you see how many of these 240 litre wheelie bins are in circulation in the globe, and you then were to only cover the supply of 10 % of that market with these clips you eliminate the competition, and become a global monopoly within the market. Projected forecasts for that concept on sales would be extremely lucrative.

Furthermore as it is a unique invention, other uses are yet to be determined.

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