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[Category : - Motors]
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A conventional ICE piston engine has limited efficiency because of the sinusoidal movement of the piston. This lightweight engine uses a simple mechanism that has few moving parts- no gears, timing chains, belts or additional camshafts. The output shaft speed is less than one-quarter of a conventional crank and the mechanism can be sealed from the combustion gasses (engine oil is not contaminated). The output shaft speed could be tailored for marine or aviation use without the requirement of transmission gearbox. This engine has very low friction losses because only the piston rings are in contact with the bore; not the piston.

The design represents a quantum leap in engine technology using simple mechanical systems and realise the efficient combustion cycles that can be currently modelled only in computer simulations. The problems associated with using a conventional crank were known about since the invention of the Internal Combustion Engine (Otto/Diesel/Atkinson). Many crankless cam engines have been made – this crankless engine design has commercial viability because the cam rollers are correctly supported to provide a reliable engine unit.

The Engine can use odd or even lobed cams, properly tracked rollers and provide new engine cycle regimes, because the stroke can both be spatially and temporally engineered. True Horizontal opposed piston configurations can be used. This mechanism can be applied to drive the valves using one single shaft. Variable stroke, variable compression and variable valve control provide for a universally fuelled engine.

This engine can use the Atkinson Engine Cycle – a proven engine cycle that is 12% more efficient - but not easily implemented using standard crank mechanisms (which is why you are not using one) – but can now be realised on this low cost Crankless engine. 12% may not sound much but when this is added to the 12% or so reaching the wheels of your car it means your MPG is doubled! This crankless engine could half our total fuel bills – half our carbon footprint – and with less of the nasties coming out of the exhaust! This Engine can burn any fuel within a stroke of a piston! Generate your own electricity from gas - more efficiently than a power station! And then you can charge up electric cars without bringing down the National Grid – with a TCK Engine in a hybrid car you could even plug in to power up your home!

Financial information

Market potential: Automotive/Motorcycle/Light/Ultra Light Aircraft (UAV),
Marine, Rail, Power Generation, Combined heat and power systems.

We are looking for an outright sale/license/assignment agreement/partnership/collaborative agreement to get the engine going.

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