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Split Sinker apply on fishing line with remove your hook

[Category : - Fishing and hunting]
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SPLIT SINKER The split sinker and locking pin have a slit through both parts so you can slide your fishing line into the body of the sinker. To assemble the sinker on your fishing line, slide the line through the sinker to the centre, and also with your locking pin, turn the pin half clock wise, push the pin down inside the body of the sinker until both parts are locked securely together so the sinker can slide freely on the line, to remove the sinker just push the locking pin out and your line is free. When bait fishing at night and you want to change your sinker to a different size, the split sinker will not tangle your fishing line. The split sinkers are made out of stainless steel, with the old led sinker you have to feed your fishing line through the sinker push it up the line tie your stopper on then tie your hook on, and when you want to change to a different size sinker you have to strip your fishing line and repeat the same process again, with the new split sinker you can leave your hook and stopper on as it is. The split sinkers can be used in fresh or salt water, it is environmentally friendly and will not rust or corrode, my invention of the split sinker is easy and efficient to apply to your line whilst your fishing rod is fully assembled.

Financial information

there sinker is one of a kind it has a patented all rights reserved
on it I my self do a lot of fishing there just one owner who invented
it is a new product the patented it up for sale price
150 one hundred and fifty thousand that for every thing
if have question please get in touch my e-mail

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